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3.1 List of materials by the Research Center

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 2019   J. Hanasaka  Results of retrospective survey of cultivated land area and abandoned cultivated area on Google Earth Pro using the archive function and the dot sampling method

Target area: Tsukuba city. Sample size:1,000. You can estimate not only the latest land use but also past year's land use on Google Earth Pro as a trial survey. In this report, cultivated land and abandand cultivated l
and area in 2005, 2010, 2015 and 2018 were estimated.

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 2019  J. Hanasaka  Results of a trial land use survey on Google Earth Pro in Japan using the Dot Sampling Method.

Target:Japan. Sample size:1,000. Number of traials:12 times while changing sample points. Total sample size:12,000. The results were steady and reliable.
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