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5.1 What is the Research Center?

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 1 What is Dot Sampling Method Research Center? It is a web site which is established to share knowledge and techniques on the Dot Sampling Method which is quite simple and efficient for crop production surveys.

The Research Center hopes that the spread of the method in the world will produce reliable crop production statistics efficiency.

The web site is run by J.Hanasaka, which is the handle name. He has been engaged in crop production survey in MAFF of Japan for many years. He has already retied, but he is still continuing his research on crop production surveys as a hobby.
2 So many documents are shown on this site, which one should beginners read first? We think beginners should read the document shown below first., which is written by Mr. Kamikura Kenji in June 2019.

Review of the Dot Sampling Method for a Planted Area Survey and a Yield Survey : Solutions to Widely Misunderstood Matters (See Table 1.1, Page1) .

The document is cmpiled to share the idea of the Dot Sampling Method. Although it is written to explain the survey method to those who have already learned, it is also very useful for beginners.
Because considering the points that beginners may have misunderstood the Method, the auther explains in an easy-to-understand manner the method of crop production survey based on the dot sampling method. He describes not only the method of planted area surveys, but also the method of the yield per unit area survey (rice crop cutting method). He also introduces actual survey results based on the methods in a certain area in Tsukuba City.
Therefore even beginners will learn the true nature of the Method deeply from the document.

In addtion, we think next two documents which are written by Mr. Kamikura Kenji are useful to learn the method in more detail.

The dot sampling method. (See Table 1.1. Page 1)

Planning and Designing of Crop Production Survey
(See Table 1.1, Page1) .