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6 Other Materials (stone cutting, etc.)
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(Stone cutting)

3.1 List of other materials

 Year  Auther  Title  Note
2020   神宮司一誠  ストーンカッティング/Stone cutting法を用いた作物統計調査法の信頼性の実験 2020-2 Dot Sampling Method Research Center 
 2018   Jinguji Issei  Stone Cutting ~Statistical Surveys and Experiments~

Note: "Stone Cutting" is a special term, which is named after such as rice crop cutting survey.
 Aug 2018 JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program on Agricultural Statistics Planning and Designing JICA Tsukuba International Center
 2018  農林水産省 Learning basic statistics through stone cutting  2018-2 農林水産省