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 Dot Sampling Method
Welcome to the Dot Sampling Method Research Center. This is a web site which is established to share knowlege and techniques on the Dot Sampling Method. If you use the method, you can directly take a sample for a crop production survey on Google Earth Pro. Therefore it does not require to construct traditional sampling frames such as list frames or physical area frames for area surveys, yield surveys. Furthermore, the area survey based on the method is very simple, because it can be conducted with the attribute judgement method at each sample point without measuring. Therefore non-sampling errors hardly occure.
We appreciate many people have participated and cooperated in the development and improvement of the method. It would be great pleasure if this small site was helpful.
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1.1 List of web-materials on the Dot Sampling Method
 Year  Auther Title  Note
(Issue, etc.)
 2020  GKen  ドット標本調査法(点格子板法)  Feb 2020 時空の旅わくわく日記 
 2019  神宮司一誠; 飯山将晃; 山口幸三; 吉田嘉雄; 仙田徹志  深層学習による衛星画像認識を活用した土地利用の推計結果について  9-2019 京都大学学術情報メディアセンター
Kamikura Kenji Review of the Dot Sampling Method for a Planted Area Survey and a Yield Survey : Solutions to Widely Misunderstood Matters  Jun 2019 The FAO Validation Workshop of the Project “Strengthening Agricultural Statistics and Food Security Information in CARD Countries through South-South Cooperation”Nairobi, Kenya
 FAO  Guidlines on planning rice production survey  2019 FAO
   2018  Jaya Wirawana Manurung  BPS gunakan metode KSA dapatkan data pertanian yang berkualitas  Sep-2018 ANTRAKALTENG
  Kamikura Kenji  Planning and Designing of Crop Production Survey
"Let's estimate the total rice production in Tsukuba Hamlet"
 Aug 2018 JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program on Agricultural Statistics Planning and Designing JICA Tsukuba International Center
 Jinguji Issei  Area measuring
Let's learn basic statistics through various "Area Measuring"
 Aug 2018 JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program on Agricultural Statistics Planning and Designing JICA Tsukuba International Center
Jinguji Issei  Comparison of FAOSTAT statistics and Dot sampling survey Estimates of the harvested area of oil palm in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand  7-2018 Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, Agricultural Economics and Information Laboratory, Kyoto University
 Kadarmanto  Improvement of Indonesian Rice Statistics Using Area Sample Frame (ASF) Approach  Mar 2018 FAO APCAS27
Birendra Kumar Kayasth  Master Sampling Frame 2016  Mar 2018 FAO APCAS27
 2017  Africa Rice  AfricaRice and FAO conduct a training workshop on new statistical methods for surveys on rice in Hohoe, Volta Region, Ghana  Oct 2017 Africa Rice
 2016    Africa Rice  AfricaRice and FAO train national partners in Ethiopia in new survey methods  Dec 2016 Africa Rice Center
 Kamikura Kenj  The Dot Sampling Method Mar 2016 Statistics Department MAFF Japan
 上倉健司  ドット標本調査法 3-2016 農林水産省統計部
  2015 Kamikura Kenj  What you can do with the Dot Sampling Method using Google Earth  Dec 2015 Fifth meeting of the Regiornal Steering Committee for Asia and Pacific for the Global Strategy to Improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics. Bangkok, Thailand,
Mukesh K. Srivastava  Crop monitoring for improved food security  2015 FAO-APCAS&ADB
 2014    神宮司一誠 Google Earth を利用したドット標本調査法による土地利用面積調査について  Oct 2014 法政大学 日本統計研究所
Jinguji Issei  Dot Sampling Method for Area Estimation    Feb 2014 FAO APCAS25 (As a side ivent)
Jinguji Issei  Dot Sampling Method for Area Estimation (Presentation PPT)  Feb 2014 FAO APCAS25 (Side ivent)
 2013  Kamikura Kenji  Package of Agricutural Production Survey, Africa Rice, Cotonue, Benin  Mar 2013 ADB
  2012  J. Gallego  Lucas: A possible scheme for a master sampling frame  Dec 2012 FAO 
Jinguji Issei  How to Develop Master Sampling Frame using Dot Sampling Method and Google earth   Dec 2012 FAO 
Kamikura Kenji  Estimation of Planted Area using the Dot Sampling Method  Oct 2012 FAO APCAS24
Kamikura Kenji  Techinical Note on Dot Sampling Method  Oct 2012 FAO APCAS24
 2005~ ? Randy Hamilton, Kevin Megown  Monitoring and Quantifying Weed Cover Using a Dot-Grid Sampling Technique  Remote Sensing Applications Center Salt Lake City, UT, USA
 2006 Terrance Booth1, Samuel E Cox1 and Robert D Berryman2  POINT SAMPLING DIGITAL IMAGERY WITH ‘SAMPLEPOINT’  1Rangeland Scientist and Remote Sensing Technician, USDA Agricultural Research Service, High
Plains Grasslands Research Station, 8408 Hildreth Rd, Cheyenne, WY 82009
2Independent Programming Consultant, Boulder, CO

1.2 List of non-web-materials related to
the Dot Sampling Method

 Year  Auther Title  Issue
 2013  上倉健司  ドット標本調査法による作付面積調査 (『「農」の統計にみる知のデザイン』齋藤昭編著、農林統計出版 P.371~376)  4-2013 『「農」の統計にみる知のデザイン』齋藤昭編著、農林統計出版 
 2010  竹内啓 ランダムネスの応用( 『偶然とは何か』P.66 ~70)  9-2010 『偶然とは何か』竹内啓著、岩波書店
 1949  Frank Yates  Sampling with probabiliies proportinal to size of unit, Use of maps as frames in agriculture surveys.(『Sampling Methods for Censuses and Surveys』P.35, P.82)  1949 『Sampling Methods for Censuses and Surveys』 Charles Griffin & Co.Ltd,London

1.3 Key words to learn the Dot Sampling Method
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caltivated land, dyke, rice/paddy planted area, maize planted area, soybeen planted area, permanent crops, mixed cropping.
suitable, efficient, reliable, simple, easy, promising.
combination of a traditional technique and some new technologies.
Japan, ASEAN, AfricaRice, FAO, APCAS.

1.4 Latest News
1-Nov-2019. Dot Sampling Research Center was set up on the web, and started to provide useful materials on the Dot Sampling Method.

1.5 Words
Rome was not built in a day. 
Step after step goes far.

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